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like us on Faceboook  The Feminine Power Transformative impulse is awakening in in women like you all over the world
Are you frustrated by not knowing how to:

Express your purpose with inspiration and clarity

Experience powerful connections in every aspect of your life
Create magic and miracles that support your dreams
Contribute your gifts and talents to enhance the world
Empower Your Feminine: Awaken Your Co-Creative Impulse to Thrive is a uniquely effective approach to the fulfillment of a greater calling on your life. As a Senior Feminine Power Transformative Master Coach, personally trained by Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas, I will expertly guide you through this dynamic transformative journey to support you in identifying and releasing the inner obstacles that have kept your dreams from taking flight and I will lead you toward the next steps in-route to your life fulfilled.

As we follow your unique itinerary and navigate your particular life experiences, I will expertly guide you to break free of patterns from the past and provide you with a roadmap for a flourishing future.

Call 310-844-7548 to:

  Learn how to embrace the goodness that life has to offer just by shifting who you’re being

  Release the patterns of the past that have kept your dreams from actualizing

  Understand why affirmations and positive thinking alone are insufficient to cause real change

  Master the advanced principles of the Law of Attraction

  Create an extraordinary life as a foundation for creating extraordinary outcomes

  Invoke a vision of life fulfilled and anchor in an intention to live the life you came here to live

  Become a magnet for the manifestation of your soul's deepest longings

  Be nurtured by a structure that supports you to successfully move through advanced, leading-edge transformational processes

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The impulse is awakening.

It is awakening in you and it is awakening in me,
and it leads to all of us thriving together.

A New Paradigm in Human Development

mhaI have been personally trained by the authors and have participated in pioneering the principles and practices of the evolving teachings of Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas, renown co-creators of the Feminine Power transformative courses for women, Feminine Power Global Community and Women on the Edge of Evolution tele-series to partner with you and cause unprecidented transformative shifts in your life. I offer you personalized assistance through the evolutionary lense of the transformative Feminine Power view to cause the outcomes you are dreaming of.

Our partnership will help you powerfully manifest your dreams as you release the patterns of the past to create an extraordinary life. The Feminine Power Transformative model has worked for tens of thousands of women around the world, and I know it can work for you, too!

"When we connect with our inner knowing, we empower our visions,
from here, anything is possible!"
—Marilyn Hager Adleman

How Our Coaching or Class Experience Will Unfold:

During our introductory phone meeting we will create your Itinerary for Your Transformative Journey to Thriving. We will then meet over the phone to nurture the awakenings you will be discovering and empower the next steps in directing your course toward your desired destination. As a Feminine Power Transformative Coach, I will mentor you to greater awareness, encourage your accountability and assist your development through advanced tools that are ever-evolving in the field of the Feminine Power Global Community.

I will partner with you as you break through any obstacles you have to magnetizing your deepest desires for life fulfilled. The discussion will be tailored to your personal position along your path to great thriving: whether you are feeling lost and without clear direction or need support to empower the trajectory of your vision.

.This internationally acclaimed program incorporates leading-edge transformational technologies and processes to ensure you move past your stuck spots so you’re ready to welcome the full flourishing of your life as it unfolds.

Individual and several-week package coaching sessions are all available.

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We respect your privacy.
We'll never share or sell your private data.

Together we have the power
to cause great flourishing for the world!

EarthMotherThe Dalai Lama has made reference to the importance of women in shifting the course of humanity. The impulse to thrive is awakening in all of us. We know there is something more to our life's purpose than what is now within our grasp. Our coaching sessions will enhance your ability to make the biggest contribution to fulfilling a purpose even beyond your own thriving and toward uplifting the consciousness of all of humanity.

Video of the Dalai Lama as he speaks about the role of women in promoting peace during a talk to the Lions Club of Dharamsala, India, on April 29th, 2010.

Aung San Suu Kyi RELEASED: Nov. 13. 2010: Myanmar Democracy Leader Finally Freed By Government


“Deep gratitude from my heart to your expansive, loving heart. So much appreciation for your kindness and compassionate understanding for my 'baby steps' along the way. Your support is luscious and cozy and strong as the 'force which through the green fuse drives the flower'""
—AF, Musician, CO

"I'm still basking in the glow of the deep, transformational work you facilitated for me today! Its like the big piece of the puzzle just snapped into place and everything is back on course now. Whatever got sidetracked as a child can now come to its full fruition. I am thrilled as I envision what is possible now! From the depth of my heart, thank you!"
—KM, Therapist, WA

"Marilyn, you gently and firmly showed me that my own beliefs and reflections of myself severely impacted by abiity to be my "best me." These lessons help me to see how my reflections impacted my entire life and all of my relationships. I am most grateful for you, the work you participated in with me, your wisdom, knowledge and deep love for my wellbeing."
—CB, Corporate VP, NY

About Marilyn

Marilyn Hager AdlemanI am a Certified Feminine Power Transformative Master Coach and Group Facilitator, Feminine Power Senior Mastery Leader, Calling in "The One" Master Coach and Facilitator, Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Lisenced California Bodyworker, and a Visionary Artist/Graphic Designer.

Over the past 40 years, I have trained with renowned teachers in the fields of transformation, holistic living, spirituality, meditation and bodywork.

, a specialized modality that I have developed, combines deep transformative openings with powerful bodywork, which comes together to catalyze life-altering transformation for my clients. Through my insightful and creative perspective, I will expertly guide you down a transformative path to the limitless possibilities of the life you have always dreamed of. I am looking forward to supporting you in attracting the thriving life you most deeply desire!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I learn along our journey together?

.You will learn how to become magnetic, drawing toward you all those things you most deeply desire to have unfold in your life. The journey, while highly informative, is primarily transformative in nature. You will have the opportunity to explore the specific road blocks to the experience and expression of your most thriving life. You will be taught how to identify and release the patterns, core beliefs and incompletions that have been preventing thriving from taking root in your life. And you will be given powerful tools and spectific steps to develop the skills and capacities you will need to navigate the future you desire.

Why should I be personally coached by you, Marilyn, as opposed to just take the tele-course given by the authors?

Studies show that people are most successful at creating change in their lives when they are personally mentored by an expert. Not only do I have 40 years of experience in transformative studies, but I have undergone the Feminine Power Transformative process myself and have had the honor of supporting hundreds of women through the process. As your guide on this journey, I will create a profound and sacred space of healing, transformation, inspiration and encouragement as I personally midwife you through the Feminine Power Transformative process, skillfully directing you through territory that might prove challenging when engaged alone. Also, through my on-going participation as a Senior Feminine Power Mastery Leader, I continue to be trained in new practices as they evolve that create even deeper access to embodying the principles of the course. I will share these practices with you in a way that relates to your specific needs and experiences.

.How long will it take to reach create a fully thriving life?

Some people find their map to a thriving life and take off along a cearly defined route within one or two sessions, others travel for months with me as their trusted guide along their journey. The real goal for our partnership is to teach you how to transform your life with more awareness, more confidence and more skill in reaching the most brilliant outcomes you can imagine.

What if I am okay with how my life is going but sense there is something more for me to do?

.The impulse to thrive is awakening in you. You know there is something more to your life's purpose than what is now unfolding in your life. The journey is before you. This journey leads to the ultimate destination of your greatest contribution to your life and the lives of so many.


"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  —ANAIS NIN

Join me on this remarkable journey
to the greatest possibilities of your life!

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